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Spring roll, spinach, mushroom, corn & noodles, plum sauce (V) (G) 60
Vietnamese spring roll with pork and prawn (P) 70
San choi bao of mushrooms, water chestnuts, bamboo shoot (V) (G) 55
Pok Pok Chicken wings with sweet chilli 60
Green rice fried tiger prawns, chilli lime nuoc cham (3 pieces) 85
Betel leaf with tempura of snapper, shallot, ginger flower, chilli, lime (4 pieces) 55
Betel leaf with pork belly, cashew nuts, pomelo, hot mint (4 pieces) 55


Chive, ginger and spinach pot sticker dumplings (5 pieces) (G) (V) 55
Pork and ginger dumplings (5 pieces) (G) (P) 55
Snapper and prawn dumplings (5 pieces) (G) 65
Crispy pork belly steamed bao, sweet chilli sauce (2 pieces) (G) 70
Soft shell crab steamed bao, black pepper sauce (2 pieces) (G) 80
Peking duck steamed bao, hoisin sauce (2 pieces) (G) 85


Beef pho, with raw sirloin, braised brisket, tail 95
Chicken pho with a soft cooked egg 80
Sweet corn broth, nasturtium leaf dumplings with sugar snap pea, baby corn, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms(V) (G) 75

wrap-and-roll-barOur spin on rice paper rolls, in a myriad of varieties.

Chicken & shrimp summer roll 55
Asparagus, beetroot and avocado, spearmint nuoc cham (V) 55
Tofu and mushroom roll with peanut sauce (V) (G) 60
Peking duck, spring onion, cucumber & hoi sin (G) 80
BBQ pork with apple and noodles (P) (G) 75
Tuna tartare, soy yuzu dip and wasabi tobiko (G) 90


Shredded green papaya salad, pomelo, tamarind dressing (V) 65
Steamed shredded chicken with Vietnamese slaw & nuoc cham 65
Edamame, avocado, radish salad, soba noodles, ponzu dressing, rice crackers (V) (G) 90
Bun Cha honey glazed pork, bun noodles, lettuce, pickled papaya, rice paddy herbs & cashew nuts (P) 85


Wok tossed rice noodles with tofu, vegetables, bean sprout, egg, cashews and herbs (V) (G) 80
Flame Grilled Chicken 30
Wok Fried Prawn 40
Pumpkin, mushroom & eggplant curry with basil, cashew and steamed rice (V) 95
Milk & Longan honey marinated chicken grilled with lemongrass and ginger 125
Black bean chicken cooked in rice wine baby bok choi and steamed rice (G) 125
Barramundi Cha Ca with turmeric, spring onion and dill, grilled in a banana leaf 125
Claypot simmered pork belly with caramel & black pepper (P) 145
Rare chargrilled and sliced sirloin, with tomatoes, watercress, fresh green peppercorns, sweet potato fries 190
A platter of our favourite dishes to share.
Milk & longan honey chicken, Grilled prawns with Hoi An chili sauce Betel leaf with pork belly, Pumpkin Curry, Barramundi Cha Ca, Sweet Potato fries


The party food of Saigon. This pancake is rolled with an assortment of fillings and eaten with lettuce and herb wrap.

Roast pork & prawn with sweet chilli (P) 125
Asparagus, peas, water spinach, coriander and a fried egg (V) 115

side dishes

Special Vietnamese fried rice cooked in lotus leaf (V) (G) 70
Sweet corn, coriander & chilli butter (V) 25
Morning glory stirfried with garlic, chilli, soy (V) (G) 35
Sweet potato fries, spice salt & spiced mayo (V) 35
Snake beans, jackfruit, toasted coconut (V) 30


Banana spring rolls with passionfruit sorbet (G) 60
Baked Saigon Meringue coated passionfruit sorbet with choc-mint ice cream, mango sauce (G) 75
Molten chocolate, salted caramel pudding, almond ice cream, honeycomb (Allow 20mins) (G) 80
Sorbet and Ice Cream selection: Dragon fruit, Passion fruit, Coconut Sorbet Almond, Condensed Milk, Chocolate Ice cream Per scoop 25
A tasting plate of our sweet stuffed dumplings in 3 flavors: Salted caramel, Bittersweet chocolate and Strawberry jam (G)

(P) Contains Pork
(G) Contains Gluten
(V) Vegetarian