Chin Chin Gin
Fresh Lemon juice and Gordons dry gin are topped with Chandon sparkling wine and served with a twist of lemon
Lime and Ginger Fizz
Fresh lime juice, ginger liqueur and pineapple juice are shaken and served topped with Chandon sparkling wine
Saigon Sparkler
Chandon sparkling wine is mixed with fresh muddled watermelon, vietnamese mint and a dash of lychee liqeur


Bang Bang
A Yin and Yang cocktail – cool & hot – chilli infused vodka, cucumber vodka, muddled cucumber strained & served clean & clear
Sour Apple & Sake Martini
Apple liqueur, sake, fresh green apple serrved martini style
Phu Cuoc Peppertini
Lemongrass infused vodka, lychee liqueur, rambutan puree & big squeeze of fresh lime. Shaken, strained & nished with ground pepper for a touch of spice
Triplesec, vodka, red dragonfruit, mint and cranberry juice shaken and served martini style
Aki’s espresso martini
Aki’s favourite libation in all of Bali. Vodka, kahlua, amaretto, coco pandan & espresso – shaken
Vietnamese espresso martini
A twist on a classic espresso martini, vodka, coee liqueur & Vietnamese espresso shaken & poured over sweetened condensed milk


Cucumber Crush
Cucumber and mint are muddled and shaken with Gordons dry gin, Triple sec, lime juice & served over crushed ice
Tamarillo Smash
A taste of summer – Fresh Tamarillo, gin and a splash of pimms, shaken with orange juice and a dash of soda, and poured over crushed ice
Frozen Coconut Daiquiri
White rum, coconut liqueur, coconut cream & kaffir lime served frozen with fresh lime
Watermelon Margarita
Jose Cuervo Especial Silver tequila, triplesec, fresh watermelon and lime are blended and served with a kafir lime leaf salted rim frozen or classic- you decide
Hanoi Hustler
Bourbon, vanilla liqueur, grilled pineapple & local orange shaken & on the rocks
Cucumber Lemongrass Squash
The perfect thirst quencher with a kick, we use cucumber and lemongrass infused vodka, muddled kaffir lime, thai basil and lemongrass , pour it over crushed ice & top it with soda and a squeeze of fresh lime


Good Morning Vietnam
Our take on the Bloody Mary – chilli infused vodka,vodka, nuoc cham, tomato juice, chilli, bitters & lime. Served mild or spicey
Saigon Sammy
Light rum, fresh strawberries, lemon, basil, topped with soda
Coco Pandan Mojito
White rum, coconut liqueur, almond milk, mint, shaken & topped with soda, toasted coconut & mint
Mekong Mule
Gold rum, lychee liqueur, chili & ginger, shaken & topped with house made ginger beer
Ho Chi Minh Tea
Vodka, green tea liqueur, cointreau, lime & lemon. Topped with house lemonade
Toffee Apple Mojito
House made apple puree, mint, dark rum, palm sugar are shaken and served tall with a dash of soda and your own mini toffee apples


We love sugarcane juice or Nuoc Mia in Vietnamese. Sold on every street corner and adored by the locals, it is the street drink of Vietnam. These cocktails are built around this deliciously sweet and refreshing juice.
The Big Punch (750ml)
Get this party started with our Rum and Nuoc Mia (sugarcane juice) punch, with fruit liqueur & full of seasonal Balinese fruit. A 750ml of deliciousness perfect to share with your friends
Kim Lee Yellowbird (Short)
Dark Rum, Galliano, Cointreau, fresh pineapple juice is topped with fresh sugarcane juice & served short
Sugar baby (Martini)
Vodka, peach liqueur, fresh lychee, lime & topped with sugarcane juice. Served martini style
Ginger Dragon (Tall)
Ginger liqueur, vodka, fresh dragon fruit, sugarcane juice & topped with house made ginger ale. Served tall



Hoi An Honey Spritz
Vodka, triplesec, Balinese honey, fresh basil and chia seeds are shaken with a squeeze of fresh lime and a dash of soda
Rosella Spritz
Rosella Flower infused vodka,  Campari, lemon, Shaken, poured over ice and topped with soda
Aperol Spritz
Made the Australian way – three parts Chandon, two parts Aperol and one part soda served over ice



Mixed citrus fruit, Balinese mint is mixed with dry white vodka and triple large carafe apple and Vietnamese wine, Smirnoff sec and topped with soda. Served in a for 4 serves
Red wine is poured over strawberries and mixed berries, red dragonfruit, star anise and mint, layered with Smirnoff vodka and triple sec and topped with soda. Served in a large carafe for 4 serves


Bintang 40
Heineken 50
Corona 80
San Miguel Light 50



Campari 95
Aperol 95
Pimms 90
Pernod 90


Smirnoff 80
Kettle One 130
Beluga 125


Pride of Wembley 90
Tanqueray 120
Tanqueray 10 145
Bombay Sapphire 120
Hendrick’s 170


Captain Morgan spiced 85
Captain Morgan white 85
Ron Zapaca 23 175


1800 Silver 90
Patron Reposado 180
Patron XO Cafe 140
1800 Reposado 120
1800 Coconut 120


Johnny Walker Red 85
Johhny Walker Black 105
Johhny Walker Platinum 160
Chivas Regal 12 yr old 125
Jameson’s Irish Whiskey 95
Canadian Club 85


Jim Beam 105
Jack Daniels 95
Makers Mark 115


Frangelico 95
Cointreau 100
Kahlua 90
Amaretto 95
Tia Maria 95
Southern Comfort 95
St. Remy Napoleon 85
Hennessy V.S.O.P. Cognac 190
Cockburns Port Special Reserve 95

Nuoc Mia Drinks
Fresh Sugar Cane Juice

We love sugarcane juice or Nuoc Mia in Vietnamese. Sold on every street corner and adored by the locals, it is the street drink of Vietnam. Here are some non-alcohol concoctions to enjoy.

Nuoc Mia
Freshly squeezed sugarcane juice served with lime wedge & sugarcane stick
The Classic
Sugarcane & calamansi orange served frozen with a scoop of Sugarcane sorbet
Sugarcane Guava
Sugarcane juice & with fresh muddled guava served short over ice
Sugarcane Coconut
Sugarcane juice, Coconut water, Coconut syrup & a squeeze of lime
Sugarcane Pomelo & Mint
Fresh sugarcane juice with Pomelo & mint
Sugarcane Strawberry
Sugarcane juice, muddled strawberries, palm sugar, lime

Wine List

Sparkling & Champagne
NV De Bortoli, Sacred Hill Brut, Cuée, Australia | 130/Glass | 620/Bottle
NV Chandon Sparkling, Yarra Valley, Australia | 800/Bottle
NV Moet & Chandon Brut, Reims, France | 1.1/Bottle
NV Veuve Clicquot, Reims, France | 1.8/Bottle
2004 Dom Perignon, Reims, France | 4.8/Bottle
Riesling & friends – fragrant, elegant, aromatic whites
2016 d’Arenberg The Stump Jump Riesling, McLaren Vale, Australia | 560/Bottle
2012 Huber Riesling Terassen, Traisental, Austria | 760/Bottle
2011 Trimbach Pinot Blanc, Alsace, France | 980/Bottle
Sauvignon Blanc
2014 Woven Stone Sauvignon Blanc, Kapiti Coast, New Zealand | 500/Bottle
2015 Durvillea Sauvignon Blanc, Malborough, New Zealand | 650/Bottle
2015 Ventisquero Classico Sauvignon Blanc, Valle del Maipo, Chile | 90/Glass | 225/Carafe(450ml) | 405/Bottle
Pinot Grigio/Gris
2014 Farnese Fantini Pinot Grigio, Friuli, Italy | 130/Glass | 385/Carafe(450ml) | 620/Bottle
2014 Ohau Gravels Pinot Gris, Kapiti Coast, New Zealand | 685/Bottle
2013 Kooyong ‘Beurrot’ Pinot Gris, Mornington Peninsula, Australia | 1.2/Bottle
Chardonnay & fuller bodied whites
2013 Vidal-Fleury Côtes du Rhône Blanc Viognier, Grenache Blanc, Rhone Valley France | 650/Bottle
2014 Babich Hawke’s Bay Cardonnay, Hawkes Bay, NZ | 580/Bottle
2015 Frontera Chardonnay, Central Valley, Chile | 430/Bottle

Sweet White Wine
2013 Domaine du Tariquet Premier Grives, Cotes du Gascogne, France |
Rosés – light & pale, rich & vibrant
2014 Parallele 45, Côtes de Rhone, France | 130/Glass | 385/Carafe(450ml) | 620/Bottle
2015 Domaine d’Oustric ‘Oustric’ Rose, France | 520/Bottle
2014 Domain De Tamary, Cote de Provence France | 690/Bottle
2015 Chandon Pinot Noir Rosé, Yarra Valley, Australia | 800/Bottle
Pinot Noir
2011 Juris Pinot Noir, Burgenland, Austria | 810/Bottle
2016 Babich Pinot Noir, Malborough, New Zealand | 710/Bottle
2014 Kooyong ‘Massale’ Pinot Noir, Mornington Peninsula, Australia | 1.1/Bottle
Medium bodied reds
2011 Domaine de la Tu ilerie Celebration Merlot, Costiere de Nimes, France | 990/Bottle
2016 Trivento Tribu Malbec, Mendoza Argentina | 135/Bottle / 390/Carafe(450ml) | 660/Bottle
2012 Descendientes De J. “Petalos” Mencia, Bierzo, Spain | 1.1/Bottle
2010 Vidal-Fleury Chateauneuf du Pape, Rhone Valley, France | 1.4/Bottle
Shiraz & Richer, fuller bodied reds
2012 Perrin Reserve Cote du Rhone, Rhone Valley, France | 1.2/Bottle
2015 Ventisquero Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon, Valle del Maipo, Chile | 90/Glass | 225/Carafe(450ml) | 405/Bottle

Sinh To Mocktails

Sinh To translates to meaning ‘many vitamins’. It is one of Vietnams chief anti-aging supplements and is considered a big treat for young women to help keep their skin beautiful.

Avocado smoothie (Sinh To Bo) 40
Spicy mixed berry 35
Watermelon mint 35
Red dragonfruit & citrus 35
Lemongrass ginger spritz 35
Pineapple, basil leaf 35




Fresh Daily Juices

Coconut Water 30
Watermelon 30
Local Orange 30
Pineapple 30
Sugarcane 30


Equil sparkling mineral water small 27
Equil sparkling mineral water large 45
Aqua still water 450ml Carafe 10
Aqua still water 750ml Carafe 20

Soft Drinks

Coke 25
Sprite 25
House made ginger beer 30
Orange juice 25
Apple juice 25




Coffee in Vietnam is a part of daily life introduced by the French over two centuries ago. Our Saigon Street blend is rich and dark and served as it is in Vietnam with a drip filter and condensed milk.

Hanoi Style
a rich dark long black
Hoi An style
sweetened condensed milk, like an ‘exotic latte’
Saigon style iced coffee
long over ice with sweetened condensed milk ice cream



Espresso 25
Long 25
Café Latte 30
Macchiato 30
Cappuccino 30



Green Tea 25
Earl Grey 25
English Breakfast 25
Rosella Flower 25




Sweet treat sampler: A tasting plate of our sweet stuffed dumplings in 3 flavours: Salted caramel, bittersweet chcoclate & coconut jam