Desserts and Sweet Treats

The inspiration for our desserts comes from the street snacks abundant everywhere in Vietnam and the amazing array of tropical fruit, and a touch of French dessert technique.
For dessert we offer an indulgent shared platter “Dessert Sampler” chosen by our pastry chef, as well as a selection individually plated desserts. For those who want one bite we offer an array of sweet treats!
“DESSERT SAMPLER” our pastry chef Irene’s selection of the days most decedent treats, available for the whole table to share, (minimum 2 persons). 95 per person.
Vietnamese coffee granita, frozen yoghurt, sweetened condensed milk ice cream
Banana spring rolls with passionfruit sorbet (G)
Ginger creme brulee with young coconut jelly
Little coconut pancakes with pomelo flower scented (G) mung bean puree, coconut icecream
Deep fried black sesame icecream with palm sugar (G) caramelized banana
Baked banana cake with tamarind icecream & banana sorbet (G)
Irene’s chocolate fondant cake with almond icecream (allow 20 mins)
Flourless cassava cake, palm sugar & dragonfruit sorbet & papaya, dragonfruit salad

Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

When a full dessert is too much, we offer a selection of tiny morsels, sweet and textural.
Cashew nut fudge
Candied pomelo rind
Viet coffee bean salted caramel
Little almond butter cookies (G)
Sesame balls stuffed with bittersweet chocolate
Baked banana cake with tamarind icecream & banana sorbet (G)
Coconut balls with salted caramel

Coffee & Tea

Coffee in Vietnam is a part of daily life introduced by the French over two centuries ago. Our Saigon Street blend is rich and dark and served as it is in Vietnam with a drip filter & condensed milk.

Vietnamese Drip Filter Cofee

Hanoi style, a rich dark long black
Hoi An style, sweetened condensed milk, like an “exotic latte”
Saigon style iced coffee, long over ice with sweetened condensed milk ice cream

Seagrafedo Coffee

Espresso or Long Black
Cafe Latte, Macchiato, Cappuccino


Avocado Leaf
Green Tea
Earl Grey
English Breakfast