Take Out Menu

Something to Nibble On

Crab dressed with coconut, chilli & lime, coconut crackers for dipping 90
Mahi mahi & scallop ceviche, sweet mango, lime & chilli, casava chips 80
Green rice fried tiger prawns, chilli & lime nuoc cham, lettuce wraps, fragrant herbs (per piece, min 3) 38
Sugar cane prawn mixed rice paddy herbs, leaves, pineapple (per piece, min 3) (P) 38
Hue style chive, ginger and spinach pot sticker dumplings, soy & ginger rice (per piece, min 3) (V) 25
Pok Pok chicken wings, crispy fried with sweet chilli 60
La lot leaf with tempura fried Mahi Mahi, pineapple, red onion & corriander (price per piece, minimum 3) 27
Ga La Lot with minced chicken, ginger & a sweet spicy yellow bean sauce (price per piece, minimum 3) 27
Pho Bo beef pho with raw sirloin, braised brisket, tail 60
Pho Ga chicken pho with a soft cooked egg 60
Tofu & assorted mushrooms broth with lily bud, saw tooth coriander (V) 60
Roast duck, star anise & ginger broth with (G) lemongrass & Thai basil 60


Steamed shredded chicken with Vietnamese slaw,nuoc cham 65
Viet style ‘Insallata Caprese ‘ Heirloom tomato, silken tofu, shiso and mint (V) 70
Crispy duck salad, with heart of plam, wing bean & banana blossom, citrus, sesame & hot mint 95
Bun Cha, honey glazed pork, soft house-made bun noodles, crisp lettuce, picked papaya, rice paddy herbs & cashew nuts (P) 95


Dalat curry of roast pumpkin & eggplant with basil & cashew (V) 110
Wok fried prawns & sugar snap peas, garlic & ginger 190
Duck legs slow cooked with sugarcane juice, pineapple and Phu Quoc pepper, saw tooth coriander 160
Pork belly, simmered with caramel & black pepper,in a clay pot (P) 175
Lemongrass chicken curry with lotus root, curry leaves, ginger and star anise 150


Raw salmon & flying fish caviar roll with shredded Fuji apple & ponzu dipping sauce (G) 90
Coconut roast rock lobster roll with rambutan & Thai basil 100
Tuna tartare & wasabi leaf roll, soy, yuzu dip & wasabi tobiko (G) 90
Tiger prawn spring rolls, with ginger nuoc cham (price per piece, minimum 3) (G) 38
Nem Ran, crispy fried with pork & prawn, carrot, jimica taro, lettuce wrap, nuoc cham dip (P) 85
Enoki, shimiji & oyster mushroom with brown rice paper & sesame sauce (V) 60
School prawn and chive roll with chive omelet, & Chinese sausage (P) 60
Peking duck spring onion & cucumber, rice paper roll with hoi sin (G) 85
Chicken and shrimp summer roll with tapioca noodles, herbs & leaves 65


Whole king prawns with whole chillis & lime leaves 230
BBQ quail with hoi sin, watermelon & spearmint salad with watercress, fried shallot, nuoc mam salt (G) 120
Milk and longan honey marinated chicken grilled with lemon leaves, lemongrass, ginger & cumquat 160
Twiced cooked Wagyu beef rib, braised in coconut water and mountain spices, then grilled, pomelo salad and mashed sweet potato 380


Special Vietnamese fried rice with toasted coconut, lotus seeds & vegetables – with or without chinese sausage 65
Wok fried lettuce & chives with oyster sauce (G) 35
Stirfried wingbean and mushroom with ginger,spring onion and soy (V) 60
Grilled sweet corn with coriander and chili butter (V) 25


Cashew nut fudge 10
Candied pomelo rind 10
Viet coffee bean salted caramel 10
Little almond butter cookies (G) 10
Sesame balls stuffed with bittersweet chocolate 20
Coconut balls with salted caramel 20