The Team

Aki Kotzamichalis, an entrepreneur from Melbourne who was an integral part of the success and running of Kudeta, is leveraging his entrepreneurial skills and footprints in Bali with one of the most exciting additions yet! By pairing one of Australia’s most talented chefs, with one of their most talented designers, Alex Zabotto-Bentley, to create Saigon Street, an authentic Vietnamese restaurant.

The menu at Saigon features light, fresh and healthy dishes to be savoured and dishes to be shared and with good reason it is on our ‘must do’ list – borrowing from both Executive Chef Geoff Lindsay‘s Melbourne eatery Dandelion (an award winning restaurant in Elwood) and traditional Vietnamese flavour combinations, foodies will enjoy a wonderfully intoxicating combination of the raw and the cooked, the hot and the cold, the sweet and sour.

Jane Lindsay of Dandelion has also designed a unique, traditional and highly innovative cocktail and wine list that makes Saigon Street a truly exciting destination. Together with Morgana Reid of Cocoon Beach Club fame, Jane and Morgana bring an enviable style of service, professionalism and seamless delivery to the most discerning palates and expectations.