Geoff Lindsay – Executive Chef

Geoff Lindsay, Executive Chef and Owner of Melbourne’s most awarded Vietnamese restaurant Dandelion has paved the way for contemporary Vietnamese cuisine in Australia’s fine dining scene.

Boasting 25 years experience working as an Executive Chef in Melbourne’s best restaurants, Geoff continues to bring his sophisticated craftsmanship and modern international flavours to establish himself at the forefront of Australia’s restaurant industry.

Through his love and respect for food, Geoff’s achievements have received an unprecedented number of Australian accolades, including being awarded The Age Good Food Guide 2005 Chef of the Year, achieving and retaining 1 Chefs Hat since 2012 at Dandelion and working and co-owning Richmond’s renowned 2 Hatted restaurant Pearl.

Under the expert guidance of Geoff, the Saigon Street menu will pay homage to authentic Vietnamese dishes with a personal twist. Drawing inspiration from both Dandelion and traditional Vietnamese flavour combinations, foodies can expect to enjoy an intoxicating combination of fresh, healthy dishes made with the highest quality ingredients.