Buffet style dining for the day after. Inclusive of our free flow basic beverage package for 4 hours. Please select 6

Mini Bánh mì

  • Grilled chicken, pate, salad, coriander
  • Pork loin, pate and terrine, cucumber, carrot, mint and coriander, spicy sriracha sauce
Vietnamese style brisket sliders: Slow cooked Beef brisket, with pickled cucumber and carrot, green apple slaw, sliced green chilli and herbs

Steamed Buns

Crispy pork belly steamed bun with pickled cucumber spring onion, coriander, sweet chilli, and baby romaine
Peking duck steamed bun with pickled cucumber, chilli, spring onion, coriander & hoisin sauce

Vietnamese rice paper rolls

Chicken & shrimp summer roll with tapioca noodles, herbs & leaves
Asparagus, beetroot and radish rice paper roll with avocado and sweet corn, young coconut and spearmint nuoc cham (V)
Tofu and mushroom rice paper roll with peanut sauce (V)
Peking duck, spring onion & cucumber rice paper roll with hoi sin (G)
BBQ pork rice paper roll with apple, noodles and hoi sin sauce (P)
Tuna tartare & wasabi leaf roll, soy, yuzu dip & wasabi tobiko (G)


Steamed shredded chicken with Vietnamese slaw & nuoc cham
Edamame, avocado and bean salad with soba noodles, ponzu dressing and crispy black sesame rice crackers (V) (G)
Crispy duck salad, with wing bean, heart of palm and banana blossom, mulberry vinegar, sesame and hot mint
Bun Cha honey glazed pork, bun noodles, crisp lettuce, pickled papaya, rice paddy herbs & cashew nuts (P)