Saigon Street 250,000++ Feasting Menu

All our menus are designed to share!

Something to Nibble On
(Please choose 3)

  • Tuna tartare & wasabi leaf roll, soy yuzu dip and wasabi tobiko (G)
  • Pok pok chicken wings, crispy fried with sweet chilli
  • La lot leaf with roast pork belly and cashew nuts and pomelo, hot mint (P)
  • Snapper and prawn dumplings with a chau shu sauce served viet style in a lettuce cups
  • Asparagus, beetroot and radish rice paper roll with avocado and sweet corn, young coconut and spearmint nuoc cham (V)
  • Steamed shredded chicken with Vietnamese slaw, nuoc cham

Menu Curries
(Please choose 3)

  • Dalat Curry of roast pumpkin & eggplant curry with basil and cashew (V)
  • Wok fried prawns with mountain spices, spring onion & bamboo shoots served in a coconut
  • Pork belly, simmered with caramel and black pepper, in a clay pot (P)
  • Barramundi Cha Ca marinated with turmeric, spring onion and dill, wrapped in a banana leaf with noodles and grilled on our wood
  • Milk and longan honey marinated chicken grilled with lemon leaves, lemongrass, ginger and cumquat

Side Dishes
(All included)

  • Wok fried lettuce with black bean and ginger (V)
  • Morning glory stirfried with garlic, chilli and soy (V)
  • Steamed rice or Bun noodle (V)

Complimentary still water

(P) Contains Pork
(G) Contains Gluten
(V) Vegetarian
Menu is subject to change without notice. Prices are subject to 10% government tax and 7% service charge