Please Select 10: Additional RP45,000 per piece per person

Mini versions from our “ something to nibble on” menu

Green rice fried tiger prawns, chilli and lime nuoc cham, lettuce wraps & fragrant herbs and pickled papaya
Pok pok chicken wings, crispy fried with sweet chilli
La lot leaf with ceviche of mahi mahi, ginger flower, chilli and lime
Ga La Lot, with minced chicken, ginger and a sweet spicy yellow bean sauce
Bo La Lot with minced beef in betal leaf served with Mrs T’s magical sauce
Vegetarian spring roll, spinach, mushroom, taro, corn & noodles served with a plum sauce (V) (G)
San choi bao of mushrooms, water chestnuts and bamboo shoot, soy & ginger (V)
Crispy pork belly steam bun with pickled cucumber, chilli, corian- der & hoisin (P) (G)
Peking duck steamed bun with pickled cucumber, spring onion & hoisin sauce (G)
Hue style chive) ginger, spinach pot sticker dumplings (V)
Vietnamese spring rolls, crispy fried with pork and prawn, carrot, jimica, taro, lettuce wrap, nuoc cham dip (P)
Viet style Brisket sliders, slow cooked beef brisket with pickled cucumber & carrot, green apple slaw and herbs (G)
Snapper and prawn dumplings with Char shu sauce served with lettuce cups and fresh herbs (G)
Pork dumplings

Wraps & Rolls

Tuna tartare, wasabi leaf and pickled ginger roll, soy, yuzu dip and wasabi tobiko (G)
Peking duck spring onion and cucumber, rice paper roll with hoi sin (G)
Chicken and Shrimp summer roll with tapioca noodles, herbs and leaves
BBQ pork with apple, noodles and hoi sin sauce (P)
Asparagus, beetroot raddish, avocado and sweet corn with young coconut and spearmint nuoc cham (V)

Little bowls
Mini bowls of Curries and salads

Steamed shredded chicken with Vietnamese slaw, nuoc cham
Crispy duck salad with wing bean, heart of palm and banana blos- som, mulberry vinegar, sesame and hot mint
Dalat curry of pumpkin, mushroom & eggplant with basil and cashew on a bed of rice
Hanoi style black bean chicken cooked in rice wine, baby bok choi and steamed rice

From the Grill
Favourites from our coconut grill served on skewers

Fish fillet, scented with lemon, mango and avocado leaves
Milk and longan honey marinated chicken
Grilled sweet corn with coriander and chilli butter

Dessert platters
of our sweet dumplings in 3 flavours:

Salted Caramel, bittersweet chocolate and coconut jam, bite size banana spring rolls and mini scoops of our selection of sorbets